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LINKE Köpfe in Bochum
linksjugend ['solid]
LINKE Jugend in Bochum
LINKE Köpfe im Rathaus
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LINKER Kopf im Bundestag
LINKE Köpfe in NRW
LINKE Köpfe in der Republik
Dokumente des Bundesverbands
Programm (Programmatische Eckpunkte), Bundessatzung, Schiedsordnung, Bundesfinanzordnung, Ordnung für die Tätigkeit der Finanzrevisionskommissionen und Wahlordnung der Partei DIE LINKE.
Europäische Linke
LINKE Köpfe in Europa

Verwurzelt in der Geschichte der deutschen und der internationalen Arbeiterbewegung, der Friedensbewegung und dem Antifaschismus verpflichtet, den Gewerkschaften und neuen sozialen Bewegungen nahe stehend, schöpfend aus dem Feminismus und der Ökologiebewegung, verbinden sich ihre Identität erweiternd demokratische Sozialistinnen und Sozialisten und Mitglieder der Wahlalternative Arbeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit zu der neuen Partei DIE LINKE mit dem Ziel, die Kräfte im Ringen um menschenwürdige Arbeit und soziale Gerechtigkeit, Frieden und Nachhaltigkeit in der Entwicklung zu stärken. DIE LINKE strebt die Entwicklung einer solidarischen Gesellschaft an, in der die Freiheit eines jeden Bedingung für die Freiheit aller ist. Die neue LINKE ist plural und offen für jede und jeden, die oder der gleiche Ziele mit demokratischen Mitteln erreichen will.

aus: Bundessatzung der Partei DIE LINKE

We unite democratic parties of the alternative and progressive Left on the European continent that strive for the consistent transformation of today's social relationships into a peaceful and socially just society on the basis of the diversity of our situations, our histories and our common values.

Therefore we refer to the values and traditions of the socialist, communist and labour movement, of feminism, the feminist movement and gender equality, of the environmental movement and sustainable development, of peace and international solidarity, of human rights, humanism and antifascism, of progressive and liberal thinking, both nationally and internationally. We work together in the tradition of the struggles against capitalist exploitation, ecological destruction, political oppression and criminal wars, against fascism and dictatorship, in resistance to patriarchal domination and discrimination against "others".

We defend this legacy of our movement which inspired and contributed to securing the social certainties of millions of people. We keep the memory of these struggles alive including the sacrifices and the sufferings in the course of these struggles. We do this in unreserved disputation with undemocratic, stalinist practices and crimes, which were in absolute contradiction to socialist and communist ideals.

The political and economic developments in the capitalist societies at the beginning of the 21st century create the necessity and the possibility for parties of the Left, for democratic movements and alternative social forces, when working out and realising social alternatives not only to take into account all aspects of globalisation and internationalisation. Europe as a new space for the integration of more and more countries in East and West, in North and South is both an opportunity and a challenge to regain the political initiative for Left forces. We want and have to most closely combine our work on this political level with the social activities of members and sympathizers of the party organisations within the communities, regions and nation states.

We are doing it in sharp rejection of and developing an alternative to capitalism and to the financial hegemonic groups with its worldwide attempts of pushing through neo-liberal policies into the daily life of the peoples by the so-called political and economic elites.

And we want and have to do so being not a force free of contradictions, having differing views on many issues. But we are united in resisting political incapacitation and taking part in common struggles for an alternative that has freedom, equality, justice and solidarity as its goals.

With this international approach we declare:

  • The Left is willing to take on responsibility in Europe and the world for the shaping of our societies, to work out political alternatives, to promote them among the public and to win the required majorities.
  • Liberal internationalisation and globalisation are no phenomena of nature but the result of political developments and decisions. Therefore we stand consequently against the neo-liberal policy of dealing with these challenges, against war and militarization. Just now courage and confidence must be given to the people that the world is not a commodity, that a new world of peace, democracy, sustainability and solidarity is possible.

aus: Statute of the Party of the European Left